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Onekey Ghost 64bit




or dual boot onekey: is there a way to allow both user access? i.e. is it possible to share the file between them or do they need to each log on to the server? what about /var/log i think you must run chmod 777 or 666 jatt: thanks i will look there 700 is for root only no *rwx rw- jatt: Please don't flood; use to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation. onekey: what are you trying to achieve? or if you want it to be rwx it should be 755 i want to chmod to 666 im in the directory onekey: chmod 666 filename.jpg? no, im in /var/www/html/ onekey: so then you need to do'sudo chmod 666 filename.jpg' onekey: and then you need to think about what to do with the 'chmod' user alright, i got it, but how can i allow others to see my webpage jatt: onekey: chmod with a + sign like i have a webpage on a external ip my ip is its a webserver so i want to allow others to access it without them needing to log on onekey: you cannot prevent them logging on onekey: as it's a web server, you'll need to allow them to login from your IP. You may need to use chmod with the 700 user group/others well, i already gave my user access but they are still unable to access my webpage how do i do that?



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Onekey Ghost 64bit

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